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V Rising: How to get Greater Blood Essence in an easy way



V Rising: How to get Greater Blood Essence in an easy way

V Rising game has the mechanics of recipes as well that your vampire can make in the Blood Press machine. This material is the stronger version of the regular Blood Essence that you get by feeding on different enemies or living things. In this guide, we tell you how to get the Greater Blood Essence in an easy way in the game.

Greater Blood Essence

Greater Blood Essence is a recipe that can be made in the Blood Press machine that you have to craft in your Castle base. After you’ve crafted the Blood Press you can make different recipes in it which’ll give you different benefits. The Greater Blood Essence works exactly the same as the regular Blood Essence but it has more efficiency.

You can use it to upgrade the Heart Castle, increase the fortified time of the castle, use it to turn humans into obedient servants, and use it to learn the sealed knowledge. In order to make 1 Greater Blood Essence, you’d need to have 150 Blood Essence and the Blood Press will combine the 150 Blood Essence into Greater Blood Essence.

How to Get Greater Blood Essence in Easy Way

The Greater Blood Essence is a high-level material and the first that you’d get this will be from the Tristan the Vampire Hunter Boss. You’d get this recipe by defeating him. That boss is 46 level and you have to be at least level 40 to defeat him. But there is also another easier way to make this recipe using items other than Blood Essence.

The way you can make this recipe is by getting the Unsullied Hearts. The unsullied Hearts are dropped by the mobs that have a little higher level than the regular mobs. You’d find these mobs in a different area of the map. You can recognize them by their level, if there is an enemy that has a higher level than the enemies around him that means he can drop you the unsullied heart.

How to Get Greater Blood Essence in Easy Way

Normally the bosses in Blood Altar can drop you the unsullied Hearts. Almost every boss will drop an unsullied heart and what you want to do is that you need to gather the unsullied hearts and bring them back to base to store them. Make sure that you do not consume it while you are low on health. Save these hearts for making the Greater Blood Essence when the recipe is unlocked.

The 4 unsullied Hearts would make 1 Greater Blood Essence and if you want to make it with the Blood Essence then it would cost 150 Blood Essence. That is the only reason to save the hearts so, you can make numbers of Greater Blood Essence material.

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