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V Rising: How to Relocate Your Castle



V Rising: How to Relocate Your Castle

The world of Vardoran is a big place with several regions to its name that players will be exploring throughout their journey as the Vampire in V Rising. Upon beginning the journey, players will get to settle themselves most probably in the Farbane Woods region by placing down the Castle Heart and building a Castle to store materials in the chests, build workstations for crafting various recipes, and use the Blood Altar to start hunting down the V Blood bosses.

However, as players increase their Gear Level and progress further into the game, they will think about moving into a new location that can help them get to end-game activities quickly or for various other reasons. This is where the new relocation system comes into play which has been added in the full-release version (v1.0) of V Rising.

This guide will provide you with information on how to relocate your Castle in V Rising.

How to Relocate Your Castle in V Rising 1.0

Relocating the Castle in V Rising has never been easier than now due to a newly added structure called Castle Relocation Heart. This new structure will allow players to bring all of the structures, stations, and decorations of their current castle to a new location. It doesn’t require you to use any further resources for building the castle again nor it requires you to destroy your first castle.

Unlock the Castle Relocation Heart Structure

To unlock the Castle Relocation Heart structure, players will have to complete The First Book in the Library which will require players to build and interact with a Research Desk. It is one of the earliest main quests in the game and completing it will unlock the Castle Relocation Hear Structure that players will be able to build it at the new location with 100 Blood Essence.

Castle Relocation Process in V Rising

The process of relocating your castle can be a little tricky at the start but it is nothing too complicated to understand. There are certain things that you should keep in mind before you start to relocate your castle. The first one is to empty your inventory with all of the materials excluding 100 Blood Essence and the second one is to clear the new location of any wildlife or nearby obstacles.

Once done, open the build menu at the new location to place down the Castle Relocation Heart and interact with it to select the “Connect a Castle Heart” option. It will open the map from where you need to select your castle that you wish to relocate. Now, place down the Travel Bags item as it is a mandatory item for relocating the castle whereas, all the walls, lightning, garden plots etc. are secondary items that can be seen in their respective tab.

Simply select the tabs to find the mandatory items that were in your original castle and start placing them. Any secondary item that you don’t place will be deconstructed and the required materials for it will be brought to your Travel Bags item.

Once you are done placing all the essential structures and stations to your new locations, interact with the Castle Relocation heart again and select the “Relocate Castle” option. It will give you the confirmation option and give you an overview of placed structures and how many are remaining. Remember, any structure that you haven’t placed will be deconstructed and you will get resources for them in the Travel Bags item so don’t worry about them.

Confirm the relocation and welcome to the new location with all of your stuff as same as before. Every chest that you place down will have all the stored items in them so you don’t have to worry about the materials as well.

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