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Animal Well: How to Get the Disc



Animal Well: How to Get the Disc

The disc is one of the essential tools in Animal Well that has several uses to its name. It can be thrown to divert the attention of the regular dogs, press the switches in the distance, or even break the glass containing the flames. As getting the flames is a main objective to progress in the game, it is essential for players to get it as soon as possible.

This guide will walk you through how to get the disc in Animal Well.

How to Get the Disc in Animal Well

The Disc is located at the start of the Dog quadrant located top left side of the map. As you go to the left side from the Animal Hub area and climb up the ladder before the egg room and continue on the path to the left, you will reach a room with a big Dog sculpture that has a Disc in its mouth.

Now, picking up the Disc will spawn the Ghost Dog who will chase you nonstop from room to room until you place back the Disc or a Mock Disc. So, getting the Disc will require you to first get your hands on a Mock Disc which then you can replace with the real disc.

Where to find the Mock Disc in Animal Well

Continue towards the left side of the Dog Sculpture to reach the next screen where you will see a locked door below leading to the ladder on the left side. To unlock the door, you need to press the three yellow switches in the room. Jump up to the crank and turn it to the max to lift the large stone which will help you reach all three switches.

Once the door is unlocked, go through it and climb up the ladder to find a telephone. Save your progress and then jump up on the ledge to reach the floating platform. The platform will take you to the left side where you will see a regular dog. Don’t go near the dog, instead, go into the narrows path directly below the ledge.

Continue ahead on the path to reach a dark area where you need to simply follow the path to go more deeper and then to the right where you will encounter a ghost enemy. Throw the firecracker to eliminate the ghost and then go towards the bottom left of the path to reach the next screen. Here, you will see a li candle on the left side but there will be a large stone in front of it. Jump on the stone and then to the right to find a crank. Turn the crank to the max to lift the stone and then drop down to get to the next screen.

Here, there will be another dog at the right entrance of the narrow path. Go to the left side to come out of the other end to make the dog come to the left side and then go back to the other side to jump on the ledges to reach the ladder on the right. Climb the ladder to go up and you will see several visible and invisible platforms that can be exchanged by pressing the switches.

However, you don’t need to press the first two switches so go straight to the third switch and press it to change the platforms, but jump to the right as soon as you press the switch. Now, simply follow the path ahead to reach the chest in which you will find the Mock Disc.

Exchange the Mock Disc with the Disc

Once you have the Mock Disc. Continue on the right and be aware of the Weiner Dog. This dog will chase you through the tight tunnels so you have to be quick. Drop down and go into the tunnel on the bottom left and make your way to the right to reach the next screen. Keep going ahead and go on the path above and you eventually make back to the ladder which you climbed to reach the Dog Quadrant in the first place.

Simply, go back to the dog sculpture and pick up the disc and then place the Mock Disc to disappear the Ghost Dog.

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