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Animal Well: How to Unlock Fast Travel



Animal Well: How to Unlock Fast Travel

The fast-traveling feature in Animal Well is a bit different than usual Metroidvania games where you have to interact with a main resting point to get the options to travel to other resting points. It is not the case with Animal Well, instead, you will first have to find a certain tool to unlock the fast travel area from where you will be able to open various fast travel points.

This guide will help you how to unlock fast travel in Animal Well.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Animal Well

Unlocking the Fast Travel feature will first require players to get their hands on the Animal Flute tool. The Animal Flute is capable of taking you to the Fast Travel hub with several animal heads that can be opened by playing the flute. Going through the open heads will take you to a shortcut to the respective animal quadrant.

How to Get the Animal Flute

The Animal Flute tool is located inside a chest behind the first locked door inside the Egg Room. To unlock the door, players will have to collect any eight eggs. It does not matter which eight eggs you find the door will unlock automatically. Head inside the opened door to find a chest containing the Animal Flute.

Getting to the Fast Travel Hub area

From where you found the animal flute, continue on the right by jumping on the platforms to eventually reach a room with a flute stand in the middle. Head up to the stand and play the flute to wake the Chinchillas and open the crow’s mouth. Now, jump on the head of the chinchillas to reach the crow’s mouth and walk through it to reach the Fast Travel hub area.

Learning the Code to Fast Travel

Once in the Fast Travel hub area, you can play the flute again by standing on the flute stand to see which shortcuts are available by seeing the opened mouths of animals’ heads. However, before taking any of the available shortcuts, go down the ladder beneath the flute stand to find a Green Fish.

Go and stand on the edge of the lower ledge and observe the movement of the fish. The fish will face two times right, two times left, two times down, and two times up. This is the code for using the animal flute from any available fast travel point in the game which will take you instantly back to the Fast Travel hub area.

To test out the code, equip the animal flute and play the flute as follows: Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, and Up. Doing correctly will teleport back you to the Fast Travel hub area and if you do this the first time, you will also unlock the Flute Travel achievement.

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