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Animal Well: How to Mark the Map



Animal Well: How to Mark the Map

Venturing through the illuminated world of Animal Well will often let you run into areas that can’t be accessed at the moment due to the lack of a certain tool. You can view the map to see the exact location, only if you have picked up the map in the first place, but even then it will be difficult for you to remember due to the plethora of pathways shown on the map.

Well, there is an easy way to remember all of your found treasures and areas by placing down the markers on their location. However, unlike other Metroidvania games, you must get your hands on a specific item that is used to place the markers on the map.

This guide will help you how to mark the map in Animal Well.

How to Mark on the Map in Animal Well

Placing the markers on the map for better navigation or most importantly remembering the blocked paths in your playthrough, you will first have to get the Stamps. The Stamps is an essential item in Animal Well which will allow you to place up to 64 markers of 8 different types by opening the map and pressing the Y/Triangle button. You can use specific marker types for a certain type of anomaly that you found and so on for the others.

Where to Find the Stamps in Animal Well

Finding the stamps is relatively easier than finding the map itself. From where you found the map (beneath the Animal Hub area), go to the path on the left to reach a room with three penguin statues. Here, you need to head up the ladder and then to the room on the left side. It will take you to the Egg Room where all the collected eggs will be shown. Go to the right side of the room to find a chest containing the Stamps.

Now, that you obtained stamps, simply open the map and press the Y/Triangle button to place the markers, and you can remove the placed markers with the same button as well.

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