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V Rising: How to Get Blood Crystals



V Rising: How to Get Blood Crystals

The full release of V Rising has several additions including a brand-new end-game biome filled with vampiric foes and monstrosities along with some new resources that are essential for crafting recipes. One of the newly added resources is the Blood Crystals which players will need for crafting one of the end-game materials.

This guide will help you how to get Blood Crystals in V Rising.

Blood Crystals Location in V Rising

The Blood Crystals are obtained by breaking the Blood Crystal Nodes found in a new location called Dracula’s Demise. It is located between the Dunley Farmlands and Gloomrot regions, and if you travel north of Dunley Farmlands or south of Gloomrot, you will be able to reach it easily. Moreover, you can see this on the map represented as a circular area.

Even though, the Dunley Farmlands or Gloomrot and mid-game regions of the game, Dracula’s Demise is totally an end-game location. It is because it is home to one of the end-game V Blood Bosses named Lord Styx the Night Champion. Furthermore, there are several other enemies in this area that you will encounter even though you slip away from Lord Styx.

How to Get Blood Crystal in V Rising

Now, after reaching Dracula’s Demise location, you need to look for the Blood Crystal Nodes. They look like normal nodes but they have a reddish crystal on them which makes them prominent and easy to recognize. Upon finding the nodes, equip a Mace or any melee weapon from your inventory and hit the node to start mining the Blood Crystal.

Mining each Blood Crystal node can net you around 60 Blood Crystals and there are only a few of them in the area so, if you have mined all of them, you will have to wait for them to respawn to mine them again.

However, there is only one crafting recipe that requires Blood Crystals as a resource and it is Onyx Tear, a high-level end-game resource which is used in various end-game crafting recipes.

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