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V Rising: Where to Find the Caravans



V Rising: Where to Find the Caravans

The full release of V Rising brings a brand-new region for the players to explore where they will get to encounter merciless vampiric foes and monsters. Additionally, there are several new features to the game that players will get to unravel as they explore more of Vardoran. One of the new additions is the Caravan World Events which take place randomly in Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands.

These world events are different than the other ones in Rift of Mortiums called the Rift Incursions as these world events will allow players to intercept a carriage guarded by arrogant humans to get essential weapons and materials that will help them in early to mid-game progression.

This guide will provide you with information on where to find the Caravans in V Rising.

Where to Find the Caravans in V Rising

The caravan world events take place in two regions, Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. In both of these regions, the caravans spawn randomly and can be found going over the main roads. However, the default spawn rate for the caravans is very low, but you can often run into them if you are out in one of these regions waiting for them near the main roads.

Moreover, similar to the Rift Incursion events, the caravans are available in both the PVE and PVP worlds. In PVE worlds, it is very easy to loot them even if there are other players nearby. However, things heat up in PVP worlds as all players will try to get the caravan first while fighting any player who comes in their way.

Upon finding the caravan, you must take out all the enemies guarding it and near it. Once the enemies are dealt with, attack the caravan to break it and you will get to loot two chests from it. Unlock each chest to see its content and take it all.

What is the Caravan Event System and What Items Do You Get?

The Caravan World Event has two tiers, the caravan found roaming in the Farbane Woods region is Tier 1 and the caravan found roaming in the Dunley Farmlands region is Tier 2. The enemies around the tier 1 carriage are relatively easier to defeat than the enemies around the tier 2 carriage.

However, both of the caravans hold a plethora of essential materials that can help players greatly in their early to mid-game progression. For better understanding, you can get the following rewards from looting the caravans.

  • Caravan in Farbane Woods (Tier 1) – A chance to drop Tier 1.5 weapons along with essential materials and recipes.
  • Caravan in Dunley Farmlands (Tier 2) – A chance to drop Tier 2.5 weapons along with essential materials and recipes.

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