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V Rising: How to Enter Dracula’s Castle



V Rising: How to Enter Dracula’s Castle

Venturing across the World of Vardoran and progressing ahead in V Rising will eventually bring players to Dracula’s Castle located inside the brand-new biome called Ruins of Mortium. This new region is an end-game zone filled with vampiric foes and monstrosities that are not easy to deal with. However, as players progress through the area to the eastern side, they will see Dracula’s Castle blocked by an aura that will prevent them from entering inside at all.

This guide will help you how to enter Dracula’s Castle in V Rising.

How to Enter Dracula’s Castle in V Rising

Dracula’s Castle is the final location in the Ruins of Mortium located all the way on the east side of the map. It is the home to the final boss, Dracula the Immortal King which requires a Gear level of 90 to fight him. However, before players get to actually fight him, they will first have to enter his castle which is only possible by having the Blood Key at their disposal.

Now, over the years of Early Access of V Rising, the Blood Key was the only legendary item in the game, and the recipe to craft it in the full-release version has been changed. Moreover, the V Blood boss who possesses the recipe for Blood Key is Lord Styx the Night Champion. He is a Level 83 V Blood boss who can be found at one of the new locations called Dracula’s Demise located in between Dunley Farmlands and Gloomrot.

Craft the Blood Key

Upon slaying and drinking the blood of Lord Styx the Night Champion, players will unlock the recipe for Blood Key which can be crafted at the Artisan Table with the following resources.

The Onyx Tear itself is an end-game resource and its recipe also unlocks by defeating Lord Styx. Make sure that you have an Anvil station to craft the Onyx Tears. The Primal Blood Essence is crafted in the Advanced Blood Press, and lastly, the Greater Stygian Shards are obtained from completing the Rift Incursion (Tier 2) World Event in the Ruins of Mortium biome.

Once you have all the required resources, go to the Artisan Table and select the Blood Key recipe to craft it. Wait for it to be crafted and then equip it to gain a +25 Gear Level.

Enter Dracula’s Castle while equipping the Blood Key

Upon crafting and equipping the Blood Key, go to Dracula’s Castle location in the Ruins of Mortium. Take care of the Sanguinary Guards outside the gate and as you step close to the aura, you will get the option to pass through it. Press the respective key (F on the Keyboard) to pass through the aura and you will enter Dracula’s Castle.

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