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Apocalypse Party: How to Get & Use the Sacred Ability



Apocalypse Party - Sacred Ability

Apocalypse Party offers several Sacred Abilities for the players to equip and use throughout their playthrough to dominate the enemies and demons. The Sacred Ability is an ultimate skill of your character that players can use to take out several enemies at once. However, these abilities are readily available as players will first have to find and equip them.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get and use the Sacred Ability in Apocalypse Party.

How to Get a Sacred Ability in Apocalypse Party

The Sacred Abilities are found after defeating demons at the activated Altars throughout the chapter. In each chapter, there are three different Altars that you need to activate upon reaching a certain level – 6, 12, and 18. You will be able to get your first Sacred Ability after reaching Level 6, activating the altar, and defeating the demon boss at the altar. Defeating the demon at the Altar will drop various goodies including various Sacred Abilities. Pick any one of the Sacred Ability by pressing the E button. Upon picking up the Sacred Ability, a diamond shape at the bottom of the screen will unlock portraying your equipped Sacred Ability.

How to Use the Sacred Ability in Apocalypse Party

To use the Sacred Ability in Apocalypse Party, players will have to press the RMB (Right Mouse Button) when the ability is fully charged. Every Sacred Ability needs to be charged before you can use it. The Sacred Ability charges itself and is available for use on 100%. However, you can speed up the charging process of the Sacred Ability by eliminating enemies quickly and doing Killing Spree.

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