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Apocalypse Party: What Are Talents & How to Equip Them



Apocalypse Party - Talent

Apocalypse Party is a new roguelike game where players have to clear out the enemies and demons whether Solo or with friends. Players will get access to various characters each with their own set of skills that players can use with their choice of weapon to eliminate the threat. One of the main mechanics that help players strengthen their character’s stats along with weapons’ stats is Talents. There are hundreds of Talents in the game that players will get to apply to their character to change the course of the battle.

In this guide, we’ll go over what are talents and how you can equip them in Apocalypse Party.

What are Talents & How to Equip Them in Apocalypse Party

The Talents in Apocalypse Party are the buffs for your character and weapon to enhance their stats. These Talents are of three different rarities – Rare, Epic, and Legendary. There are various kinds of Talents in Apocalypse Party including, Armor, Status Effects (Fire, Frost, and Lightning), Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Damage, and many more. Each talent will grant a certain effect either to your character or weapon depending on the kind of the talent and will stay active throughout the chapter.

Players will get to equip a talent every time they level up in the chapter. Leveling up the character will open the Talent menu in which there will be 3 different talents from which players will be able to choose one. The kind of Talent is listed beside every talent and whichever talent the player selects it will be applied to the character/weapon. There is also an option to reset the talents on the Talent Menu screen which scrambles the offered talents.

In each chapter, players will be able to equip 21 different talents which will enhance the stats of the character and weapon. With 21 different buffs active on character and weapon, the course of the battle will change and make you eligible to fight off hordes of enemies and demons to complete the chapter. Completing the chapters also rewards you with various unlockable contents including new and stronger Talent Archives that might be offered to you next time your character levels up.

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