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Lethal Company: Titan Moon Guide



Lethal Company - Titan Moon

Lethal Company offers several moons of different difficulty that players can choose to land and start the raid in their facility to get scraps to both complete the quota and earn money. However, the dangers of the facility and the moon itself are dependent on the difficulty which makes both the traversal and survival difficult. One of the hard-difficulty moons and the most expensive moon that players will get to visit is Titan which fortunately has one of the highest spawn rates of Scraps which makes it good for farming Scrap but it also has almost every monster on it which makes it total hell-hole to survive safely.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the Titan Moon and how to survive on it in Lethal Company.

How to Get to Titan Moon

The first and foremost question that comes to mind of any player who hears that the Titan has the most Scrap in its bunker is how can they get to Titan. Well, the solution to get to Titan is similar to almost every moon as it requires you to select the destination of your Ship to Titan using the Terminal. However, unlike the easy-difficulty and intermediate-difficulty moons, Titan is not free and costs 700 Credits which is the highest payment among any other hard-difficulty moons.

If you have sufficient funds to travel to Titan, interact with the Terminal in your Ship and enter the [Moons] command. After that, type in [Titan] and then confirm the destination either by typing in [Confirm] or [C]. By confirming the destination, your ship will set course to Titan and deduct the fee for the moon.

Entrance and Fire Exit of Titan Moon

Titan Moon has the highest Hazard Level of any other Moon in the game which gives almost a 0 visibility while traversing outside. Fortunately, the entrance to the Bunker of Titan Moon is directly in front of your ship and only takes a few steps to reach it. As you go straight from the ship’s door, you will reach a ladder that you need to climb and it will take you to the entrance of the Bunker. If you go to the left side of the bunker door, you will find the Fire Exit.

Both the entrance and the exit are near your ship and you need to get your grasp on their location from the ship before you start raiding. To find the exit easily from inside the bunker, place either a Boombox near the exit or tell one of your crew members to use the horn to track you back to the exit.

What Items to Bring to Titan’s Bunker

The items that you need to bring along to Titan’s bunker can vary on whether you are playing Solo or Co-op with friends. It is because the Titan Moon has a spawn rate of almost every monster in the game and since there is a different method to tackle every monster, different players should hold different tools in their inventory to make the raiding experience easier. However, if you are playing Solo, then I would recommend only bringing Flashlight and avoiding all the monsters you encounter.

You cannot hold multiple weapons in your inventory due to small inventory space because the main task is to loot the scrap. Just equip the flashlight and enter the bunker to start scanning the rooms to find any scrap and store it in the inventory. Make sure that you bring all of the items back to the ship once your inventory is full to store them. If you are playing with friends then each one of your crew members should have one of all the weapons. Playing the Titan with friends will allow you to gather more scrap frequently and make a good profit off of them.

All Monsters on Titan Moon

As mentioned earlier, Titan Moon has a random spawn rate for almost every monster in the game. 10 different monsters have a chance of spawning inside the Bunker, and 3 monsters in the outside area.

Monsters inside the Bunker

The monsters that you can encounter inside the bunker are the following.

  • Jester
  • Bracken
  • Coil-Head
  • Bunker Spider
  • Snare Flea
  • Red Ghost Girl
  • Thumper
  • Hoarding Bug
  • Spore Lizard
  • Hygrodere

Monsters in the Outside Area

The monsters that you can encounter in the outside area of Titan are the following.

Apart from these monsters, the Red Ghost Girl can also follow you outside if you are haunted by her. You cannot stay on Titan Moon for longer if you are haunted and you need to leave the moon immediately and come back a few days later to reset the haunting.

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