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Lethal Company: How to Get & Use the Boombox



Lethal Company: Boombox

Lethal Company offers several tools for players each use for its unique purpose that can be helpful regarding the raid in the facility. Raiding the facilities can be atrocious due to several monster encounters and traps. Dealing with monsters can be done by using the various weapons or by luring them towards a distraction by using the Boombox tool.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get and use the Boombox in Lethal Company.

How to Get the Boombox in Lethal Company

The Boombox is one of the tools that players can buy from the Store for 60 Credits in Lethal Company. To buy the Boombox, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with the terminal on the ship.
  • Type the ‘Store’ command to view all the tools.
  • Type the ‘Buy Boombox’ or ‘Boombox’ command and then type the ‘Confirm’ to place the order.
  • Wait for the pod to land on the moon near the ship.
  • Go to the pod to retrieve the Boombox.

The pod can take a couple of minutes to land so, wait patiently and once it has landed, go near it to get the Boombox.

How to Use the Boombox in Lethal Company

The Boombox tool is mainly used for luring the monsters away from the ship or your friends who are out raiding after 6 pm. Raiding in the nighttime brings more dangerous monsters that can one-hit kill the players and it is best to keep them away from getting back to ship instead of fighting them. To lure them away, equip the Boombox to start playing the music and press the G button to drop it where you want the enemy to lure. Drop the Boombox away from the ship to clear the path to the ship or if you want to explore the facility more freely then drop the boombox where your friends have looted the area.

However, not all monsters are lured by the sound of the Boombox but the enemies like Forest Giants and Eyeless Dogs who roam the moon can be lured by the music, clearing the way for the players back to the ship safely. It is best to keep an eye on the players who are currently in the facility and once they are ready to return to the ship, go outside and place the boombox at a safe distance from the ship to secure the loot that players are bringing back from the raid.

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