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Lethal Company: How to Get a Walkie-Talkie



Lethal Company - Walkie Talkie

Lethal Company offers several tools for players each use for its unique purpose that can be helpful regarding the raid in the facility. Raiding the facilities can be atrocious due to several monster encounters and traps as well as navigating back to the ship as several monsters who wander the moon might stop you from reaching the ship. However, communicating with friends can ease the encounters and raiding experience. Apart from the proximity chat, all the players should have a Walkie-Talkie through which they can talk to other players anywhere on the moon and it is most useful for talking to a player who is monitoring other players from the ship.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get a Walkie-Talkie in Lethal Company.

How to Get a Walkie-Talkie in Lethal Company

The Walkie-Talkie is one of the tools that players can buy from the Store for 12 Credits in Lethal Company. To buy the Walkie-Talkie, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with the terminal on the ship.
  • Type the ‘Store’ command to view all the tools.
  • Type the ‘Buy Walkie-Talkie’ or ‘Walkie-Talkie’ command and then type the ‘Confirm’ to place the order.
  • Wait for the pod to land on the moon near the ship.
  • Go to the pod to retrieve the Walkie-Talkie.

The pod can take a couple of minutes to land so, wait patiently and once it has landed, go near it to get the Walkie-Talkie. Upon getting the Walkie-Talkie, press the Q button to turn it ON/OFF. Players can use the Walkie-Talkie by holding LMB to transmit their voice to other players but other players should also have a Walkie-Talkie of their own to receive your voice and communicate back. It is one of the most crucial tools for co-op players in Lethal Company as it doesn’t have any use while playing Solo.

The Walkie-Talkie also runs on Battery which can be viewed on the top left corner of the screen. Once the battery of the Walkie-Talkie depletes, players will have to recharge it to use it again. It is best to recharge after every raid so that all the players stay in contact in the next raid.

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