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Lethal Company: How to Steal a Bee Hive



Lethal Company: Bee Hive

There are various kinds of scraps that you can find on the moon that you are choosing for your quota. Most of the scrap is found inside the facility of the moon but some valuable scraps lie outside of the facility and one of them is a Bee Hive. Bee Hive is a scrap in Lethal Company that is worth around 60 – 160 credits which is a decent value indeed but there is a reason why it has its value and that is it’s a home of Circuit Bees. Stealing the home of Circuit Bees will make you hostile to the bees which can end things badly for you if not tackled the bees correctly.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to steal a bee hive in Lethal Company.

How to Steal a Bee Hive in Lethal Company

Stealing a Bee Hive in Lethal Company can be a tricky task as the Circuit Bees/Red Bees go Aggro just by stepping close to the Bee Hive making them attack you with an electrostatic charge and kill you. To steal the Bee Hive, you will have to be creative if you are Solo or you have to bring along a friend who puts their life in danger for you to get the Bee Hive.

Method 1 – Co-op

For the first method, you will need a teammate alongside you to help you in the process of stealing the Bee Hive. Once you guys have located a Bee Hive, scan the area to see where is your ship to analyze the situation better. Now, your teammate needs to step closer to the Bee Hive to Aggro them and run in another direction as fast as they can and you need to pick up the bee hive and take it back to the ship and close the door. Wait for your friend to return to open the door for them to successfully secure the Bee Hive.

Note: Without the Bee Hive, the Circuit Bees will roam the area and attack any player.

Method 2 – Solo

For the Solo player, stealing a Bee Hive is one of the trickiest challenges in the game. However, you can accomplish it with a bit of a trick. Make sure that your stamina is fully charged and you can use the TZP-Inhalant to gain extra movement speed. To steal the Bee Hive, get closer to the bees, and then go around to pick up the Bee Hive. Run as fast as you can toward the ship and when you run out of stamina, drop the bee hive to de-aggro the bees. Now, repeat the same step to get to the bee hive and keep repeating it until you have reached the ship.

Upon reaching the ship, if you have enough stamina to get inside the ship and close the door without letting the bees inside then do it otherwise, drop the bee hive on the side railing of your ship and close the door. Let the bees go to the bee hive and then start your ship. As you start the ship, the bees will get behind and the Bee Hive will stay on the railing. Open the door to get the bee hive and bring it inside the ship to secure the bee hive, Solo.

For both of the methods, it is recommended to steal the Bee Hive at the end of your run. If you steal the Bee Hive in the middle of your run, the Bees will hunt you whenever you are outside.

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