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Last Train Home: How to Use Artillery Strike



Last Train Home: Artillery Strike

Engaging in combat with enemies can be dreadful, especially with a larger patrol of enemies in Last Train Home. Due to their higher firepower, you might end up losing a soldier or two which can affect your whole squad in certain ways. However, there are a couple of methods to deal with a larger number of enemies in Last Train Home which include either setting up a Machine Gun or initiating an artillery strike that clears large enemy groups instantly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Artillery Strike in Last Train Home.

How to Use Artillery Strike in Last Train Home

The Artillery Strike is one of the train attacks that you can utilize in combat to clear out a larger group of enemies to proceed ahead in the area. To use the Artillery Strike, you need to press the B button or select the Artillery Strike icon beside the skills section in the bottom right corner of the screen. After that, you need to mark the area where you want to do the artillery strike. It will launch the artillery strike on the marked area killing all enemies in the area of impact.

However, the Artillery Strikes are not indefinite as they use Artillery Shells as ammo to shoot the Artillery Strikes on the marked areas. The number of total artillery strikes can be seen on the icon of the artillery strikes and as you explore the mission area, you might come to find artillery shells. The Artillery Strikes also have a cooldown so, you cannot use multiple artillery strikes at once, you must wait for the cooldown to be over to use the next one.

It is recommended to use artillery strikes only when there are large groups of enemies that have more firepower than your soldiers combined. If you use artillery strikes often in combat, you might have to face difficulties in the later missions where they are actually required.

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