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Last Train Home: How to Perform Silent Kills



Last Train Home - Silent Kills

Last Train Home is a strategic role-playing game with auto-battler mechanics that will put your soldiers in engage mode upon getting detected by the enemies. Unlike other strategic games where you will get to select certain attacks for your characters in a turn-based system, you will have to select certain actions before engaging in combat. One of the most useful actions to get a grasp on is Silent Mode which allows you to have Silent Kills or Stealth Kills on enemies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to perform Stealth Kills in Last Train Home.

How to Perform Silent Kills in Last Train Home

Performing the Silent Kills in Last Train Home will require you to keep your soldiers in Silent Mode to minimize the sound of their movement. You can enable Silent Mode for a particular as well as all the soldiers by dragging a mouse over them or selecting one soldier and then pressing the Y button or clicking the Silent Mode function in the bottom right of the screen. After enabling the Silent Mode on the soldiers, they will walk in a crouched stance and shoot no weapon even when engaged in combat. You will have to disable the Silent Mode on the soldiers to make them use their weapons again.

Now, to perform the Silent Kills, enable the silent mode on a soldier and order them to move behind an enemy. Once they are getting close to the enemy, press the RMB on the enemy to order the soldier to perform a silent kill. Silent Kills allow you to conserve ammo and keep your soldiers undetected. Most of the enemies roam together so, you will have to be careful of what enemies to kill first without alerting the others.

Keep in mind that if any one of your soldiers is detected, your cover will be blown and you must remove the silent mode from your soldiers to allow them to fight back.

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