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Lethal Company: How to Survive the Eyeless Dogs



Lethal Company: Eyeless Dog

There are several deadly monsters that players will encounter during their raid in the facility as well as exploration on the moon. Players can use various weapons to deal with certain monsters who will hunt them down throughout their endeavor on the moon. One of the monsters that players will encounter frequently on the moons are the Eyeless Dogs which are capable of dealing high damage and killing you in 2 hits.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to survive the Eyeless Dogs in Lethal Company.

How to Survive the Eyeless Dogs in Lethal Company

The Eyeless Dogs wander in the outside area of the moon and they are attracted to any kind of sound including Running, Walkie-Talkie, Horn, Boombox, Lightning, Pod Landing, and Radar Booster. Making these noises out in the open will attract them toward the noises as they don’t have any eyes, just like the name suggests. Dealing with the Eyeless Dog also revolves around attracting them toward sound while you make your way safely to the ship.

If you are playing with friends, one of the teammates can drop down a Boombox far from the ship to lure the Eyeless Dog to Boombox while silently making their way back to the ship which allows players to make their way to the ship as well. If you run towards the ship, Eyeless Dog will catch your sound and follow you inside the ship which can lead to multiple deaths. It is best to turn off the Walkie-Talkie and walk in a crouched stance to safely reach the ship without alerting Eyeless Dog.

However, Eyeless Dog can also be killed using a Shovel or a Stop-Sign weapon. They have a high HP which takes 10 – 12 Shovel hits to kill them. Killing the Eyeless Dog is possible by at least 2 players. One player has to use the Zap Gun to stun the Eyeless Dog and the other player has to strike the Eyeless Dog until it dies. If there are more teammates around then this killing process will be easier.

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