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Lethal Company: How to Get & Use TZP-Inhalant



Lethal Company: TZP-Inhalant

Lethal Company offers several tools for players each use for its unique purpose that can be helpful regarding the raid in the facility. Raiding the facilities can be atrocious due to several monster encounters and traps as well as navigating back to the ship as several monsters who wander the moon might stop you from reaching the ship. However, you and your crew can increase their speed and ability to carry more weight at the same time by using the TZP-Inhalant. The TZP-Inhalant can increase the chances of your survival and get you back to the ship but excessive use of it might hallucinate you.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get and use the TZP-Inhalant in Lethal Company.

How to Get the TZP-Inhalant in Lethal Company

The TZP-Inhalant is one of the tools that players can buy from the Store for 120 Credits in Lethal Company. To buy the TZP-Inhalant, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with the terminal on the ship.
  • Type the ‘Store’ command to view all the tools.
  • Type the ‘Buy TZP-Inhalant’ or ‘TZP-Inhalant’ command and then type the ‘Confirm’ to place the order.
  • Wait for the pod to land on the moon near the ship.
  • Go to the pod to retrieve the TZP-Inhalant.

The pod can take a couple of minutes to land so, wait patiently and once it has landed, go near it to get the TZP-Inhalant.

How to Use the TZP-Inhalant in Lethal Company

The usage of TZP-Inhalant is pretty basic, you need to first equip the TZP-Inhalant by scrolling the mouse wheel, and then press and hold the LMB to inhale it to get buffs. The more you inhale the longer the buffs will remain along with the side effects. The buffs for using the TZP-Inhalant are an increase in the movement speed and the ability to carry more weight whereas, the side effects include High-Pitch Voice for your crew, Visual Impairment, Slippery Controls, and Screen Distortion.

The side effects of using the inhalant are dependent on the time you have inhaled it. Inhaling the inhalant for a light dose (4 Seconds) will only give you the side effects of high-pitch voice and minor visual impairment, for a heavy dose (8 Seconds) will give you all side effects except screen distortion, and for an overdose (12 seconds or above) will give you all the side effects at once.

Keep in mind that the side effects stay longer than the buffs themselves so, using it for heavy doses at once might end up killing you due to various visual impairments and slippery controls but if you use it for light doses from time to time, you will be able to get to safety without witnessing a misfortune.

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