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Lethal Company: How to Start a Challenge Moon



Lethal Company - Starting a challenge moon

The Challenge Moons is a new feature in Lethal Company added with the latest patch (v47) that allows players to explore a newly generated moon and compete for the top spots in the leaderboard. These new moons are different than the original moons in the game which players start using the Terminal on the ship and far more dangerous but wealthy.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to start a Challenge Moon in Lethal Company.

How to Start a Challenge Moon in Lethal Company

The Challenge Moon is generated every week with a random name and can be found in the main menu of the game before starting a session. You can start a Challenge Moon by selecting a Host Game and then selecting the randomly generated Challenge Moon name beneath the Save Files.

It will show you the leaderboard with the stats of all the players who have completed the moon. Select the Start option beneath the leaderboard to go to the confirmation screen and then select the Confirm option to load into the challenge moon.

As the name suggests, these moons are more difficult than the original moons of the game but they do offer increased amounts of scrap with random starting credits. Whatever credits you start with, buy useful items and weapons from the Terminal and then venture into the facility to start finding the scrap.

The monsters are more terrific and dangerous in the challenge moons so, it is best to queue up with friends to be on the safe side. Once you have survived the monsters and left the moon with the secured scrap, your position will be marked in the leaderboard with the amounts of credits earned.

Keep in mind that your position will keep on changing so, if you want to keep it high on the leaderboard, you would have to play it over again and again.

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