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Lethal Company: How Challenge Moons Work



Lethal Company - Challenge Moons

Lethal Company v47 update released earlier today introduces a new feature named Challenge Moons along with a new hallway in the factory map type and several changes and fixes. The main focus of the update is the new re-playable Challenge Moons that will allow players to explore a random new moon and get as much scrap as possible before the moon is replaced with another one.

In this guide, we’ll go over how the new Challenge Moons work in Lethal Company.

How Challenge Moons Work in Lethal Company

The Challenge Moons are the re-playable moons in Lethal Company that get generated every week for all of the players to compete in a leaderboard. These moons are different than the original moons inside the game and they are more difficult with more terrific monsters to tackle. However, these moons do offer increased amounts of scrap, random starting credits, and other randomly tweaked properties.

Players can start the Challenge Moons from the main menu of the game by selecting the generated seed. The seed generated for the Challenge Moon will be the same for all the players and stay live for one week. Selecting the generated name for the moon will show the leaderboard with all the players who have completed the challenge moon with the profit of credits. The leadership view can also be switched to the Friends to see what position you stand against your friends.

However, all of your friends should have the same seed in the roll to be shown in the same leaderboard. If any of your friends have a different seed it might be due to enabled mods or a difference of time zone. It is advised to disable all of the mods before starting the game to get the same seed as everyone else.

The premise of Challenge Moons is the same – land on the moon, enter the facility, loot the scrap, and escape the horrors successfully to make a profit. The more profit you make each run, the higher your position will be on the leaderboard. At the start of every new week, the currently available challenge moon will be replaced by a new moon and the leaderboard will be reset.

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