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Lethal Company: How to Get & Use the Extension Ladder



Lethal Company: Extension Ladder

Lethal Company offers several tools for players each use for its unique purpose that can be helpful regarding the raid in the facility. Raiding the facilities can be atrocious due to several monster encounters and traps. As the facilities have several gaps in between that are hard to cover by jumping or reaching higher grounds to escape a monster, players can use the Extension Ladder to cover the gaps easily or reach higher grounds to outmaneuver a monster.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get and use the Extension Ladder in Lethal Company.

How to Get the Extension Ladder in Lethal Company

The Extension Ladder is one of the tools that players can buy from the Store for 60 Credits in Lethal Company. To buy the Extension Ladder, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with the terminal on the ship.
  • Type the ‘Store’ command to view all the tools.
  • Type the ‘Buy Extension Ladder’ or ‘Extension Ladder’ command and then type the ‘Confirm’ to place the order.
  • Wait for the pod to land on the moon near the ship.
  • Go to the pod to retrieve the Extension Ladder.

The pod can take a couple of minutes to land so, wait patiently and once it has landed, go near it to get the Extension Ladder.

How to Use the Extension Ladder in Lethal Company

The Extension Ladder is mainly used to cover the gaps within the facilities or reach higher grounds in the outside area of the moon. Players can use the Extension Ladder by equipping it by using the Mouse Scroll Wheel and then pressing the LMB. By doing so, the character will place down the ladder at the very spot which will activate the ladder to come out to make a path.

If a path is horizontal, players can walk on it to get across the gap and if the path is vertical, players can interact with the ladder by pressing the E button to climb the ladder to ascend and reach higher ground. Make sure to pick the Extension Ladder box back otherwise, you will lose it and have to buy it again.

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