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Lethal Company: How to Get & Use All Weapons



Lethal Company: All Weapons

Lethal Company offers several tools that can be used to gain certain advantages to make the raiding and escaping the facilities experience easier but there is a need for using the weapons as well to deal with certain monsters inside as well as outside the facility on the moon. In the start, players might not feel the need to use the weapons but as they fly to higher difficulty moons, they surely need to have a weapon or two among all the crew members to survive the horror stored in the facility.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can get all the weapons and use them in Lethal Company.

How to Get All Weapons in Lethal Company

There are 4 main weapons in Lethal Company that each player in the party can hold or distribute among themselves for a more strategic raiding experience. Most of these weapons are bought from the Store whereas, only one weapon can be found during the raid in the facility. The following list shows all the weapons in Lethal Company and how to get them.

  • Shovel: Bought from the Store for 30 Credits.
  • Stop-Sign: It can be found randomly inside the facilities.
  • Stun Grenade: Bought from the Store for 40 Credits.
  • Zap Gun: Bought from the Store for 400 Credits.

The best-starting weapons are surely the first 3 weapons as they are cheap and can be obtained easily. However, the Zap Gun is one of the most useful weapons in the game as it allows you to keep a monster stunned while the other player takes care of the stunned monster with a melee weapon such as Shovel or Stop-Sign.

How to Use All Weapons in Lethal Company

Having the weapons does not let you survive the monster encounter if you don’t know how to use them or on which monsters should you use them.


The shovel is the most basic but a handful weapon both in multiplayer and Solo scenarios. You can use the shovel by holding the LMB to charge the strike and release the LMB to strike the monster. It does minimal damage by striking the monster but it will kill certain monsters in several strikes depending upon their HP allowing you to go ahead without getting hurt by the monster again. The monsters on which you can use the Shovel are the following.

  • Hoarding bugs (four hits)
  • Snare fleas (three hits)
  • Bunker spiders (six hits)
  • Bracken (three hits)
  • Thumpers (six hits)


The Stop-Sign weapon works the same as the Shovel. It is used to strike the monsters using the LMB and does the same amount of damage as the Shovel. So, if any player doesn’t have a Shovel on them but finds the Stop-Sign during the raid should keep it to increase their chances of survival. The Stop-Sign weapon is also used on the same monsters as the Shovel.

Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade weapon is a one-time use weapon but it can make a difference in survival and death during your raids. Having a Stun Grenade in your inventory will allow you to stun a monster and get past it without taking any damage. To use the Stun Grenade, hold the LMB to pull out to the Pin of the grenade and then release the LMB while looking at the monster to throw it and stun the monster. However, you can only keep the stun grenade active in your hand for 5 seconds. If you don’t throw the grenade within 5 seconds, it will stun you and might be the cause of your death by the monster you are facing at the moment. The Stun Grenade can be used on almost all the monsters but the most effective ones are the following.

Zap Gun

Lastly, the Zap Gun is the most expensive weapon in the game but it is the most effective one as it can keep a monster stunned as long as you don’t let go of the beam of the gun or it runs out of battery. Make sure that you have charged the battery of the Zap Gun to use it for longer. However, the Zap Gun is ineffective in the Solo run and only useful in the multiplayer because you need someone to kill the monster while you stun a monster. Stunning a monster with the Zap Gun will only keep them stunned until the beam is ON. Once it is OFF, you will be stuck with the monster again so, it is best to bring along at least one player with you on the raid.

To use the Zap Gun, you need to hold the LMB to charge the Beam and then point it at the monster you want to stun. Don’t release your finger from the LMB as it will deactivate the beam. You want to keep it on the button until your friend kills the monster who is stunned. As you point the beam at the monster, the Zap Gun automatically detects the monster and stuns it. Keep in mind that the Zap Gun also sees a friendly crew member as a monster so keep the beam off of the nearby player to not stun them instead of the monster.

The Zap Gun is also used on most of the monsters in the game except the Slime Monster but the most effective ones are the following.

  • Eyeless Dogs
  • Forest Giants
  • Hoarding bugs
  • Thumpers

If you are playing the Lethal Company as a Solo player then we recommend you to have a Shovel or a Stop-Sign weapon along with the Stun Grenade as a backup weapon if you run into any unfortunate situation. Additionally, you can use the Boombox tool to lure some of the enemies away from your path to reach the ship safe and sound.

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