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Lethal Company: How to Survive the Red Ghost Girl



Lethal Company: Red Ghost Girl

There are several deadly monsters that players will encounter during their raid in the facility as well as exploration on the moon. Players can use various weapons to deal with certain monsters but the most deadly monsters who are capable of one-hit killing you are the ones that cannot be dealt with easily. One of these monsters is the Red Ghost Girl which some players will start seeing during their endeavor inside the facility or outside on the moon.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to survive the Red Ghost Girl in Lethal Company.

How to Survive the Red Ghost Girl in Lethal Company

The Red Ghost Girl is one of the most dangerous and terrifying monsters in the game as she has the most unique attack pattern than all of the other monsters. Unlike the other monsters in the game who are violent from the moment they notice your presence, the Red Ghost Girl stays in a passive state when a player sees her for the first time. Not all players can see the Red Ghost Girl unless you are playing Solo because the Red Ghost Girl starts haunting a certain player based on their Fear Level.

The Fear Level is a hidden stat of your character which will gradually increase by spending time on an individual moon. As the Fear Level increases, the player will start hearing giggling sounds, heavy breathing in the background, muffled voices in the distance, and flickering of the flashlight that can be seen by your allies. When that happens, it means that the Red Ghost Girl has started haunting the player and she will start toying with that player by disappearing and appearing back from time to time.

It is the best time to retreat to the ship because the next phase is the actual hunt mode where the Ghost girl will start moving and following you. Run to the exit and keep your camera only towards the ship to stack any scrap you are currently holding to prevent any increment in the fear level because if you rotate your camera more, the fear level will increase and the Ghost Girl will start following you outside of the facility and then to the ship. If the ghost girl gets near you, she will snap your neck in a second.

It is possible that the Ghost Girl can also appear inside the ship but it is only when you have survived for long enough and didn’t travel to the orbit of the moon. Leaving the moon is crucial to resetting your fear level so, that the Ghost Girl stops haunting you. You can come back to the moon after some time to continue the raid.

If the Ghost Girl has chosen you to hunt, it is best to ask for some assistance from a player back on the ship and use the teleporter to bring you back before she kills you. The player back on the ship can also assist you by monitoring you and telling you the location of the ghost girl on the screen. Allies who are along with you on the raid cannot see the Ghost Girl until she starts haunting them but they can throw a Stun Grenade to cause some sort of disturbance on the location of the Ghost Girl for you to run away from the facility.

Surviving the Red Ghost Girl Solo is the most difficult challenge unless you make your escape safely and leave the moon for quite some time.

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