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Lethal Company: How to Charge Battery Items



Lethal Company - Charge battery Items

Lethal Company offers several items that run on battery life and only serve until they have battery juice in them. Once they run out of battery, they will be of no use until the players charge them back.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to charge the battery of items in Lethal Company.

How to Charge Battery Items in Lethal Company

There are several tools in Lethal Company that players will get to buy from the store or find during the raid which they will get to use for certain purposes. However, not all tools are used indefinitely as some of the items are run on batteries. The battery life of items can be seen as the yellow bar on the top left corner of the screen. It only shows when you are holding a walkie-talkie, flashlight, or any other tool that runs on battery life. Once the yellow bar has fully depleted, the respective tool will become unusable. To charge the battery of items, follow the following steps.

  • Go inside your ship to find a square charger on the wall.
  • Equip a battery-powered tool.
  • Press the E button near the square charger while equipping the tool to charge the tool.

You can charge all of the tools that run on battery from the square charger in your ship. Make sure to check what items are running low on battery from your inventory to charge them accordingly so, that you never have to face inconvenience during your raids.

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