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Last Train Home: How to Trade with Merchants



Last Train Home: Trade with merchant

Keeping the Czechoslovak Legion alive in Last Train Home is essential in Last Train Home for which players will require useful resources that will help the soldiers, workers, and keep the train moving towards the destination. Resources and consumables are essential for the playthrough as without them the progression of the game is not possible. There are several ways to get useful resources and consumables during the playthrough and one of the methods to get them is trading with the merchants.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to trade with Merchants in Last Train Home.

How to Trade with Merchants in Last Train Home

Trading in Last Train Home plays a crucial role in getting the needed consumables and resources. Consumables can be used during missions for various purposes as resources are needed during the time on the train. Both resources and consumables can be obtained by exploring the mission areas or sending the squads to surrounding areas for foraging. The surrounding areas from where the armored train is crossing might have some villages where you can stop and trade with the merchants.

If you happen to find a village on your way to the destination, stop the train from the bottom of the screen and deploy a squad towards the village. Upon reaching the village, you might engage in conversation with friendlies and after the conversation, you will be able to see if there is a merchant in the village. Select the merchant to open the Trading menu from where you will be able to see both your and the merchant’s inventory along with money.

Browse the merchant’s inventory to see which resources and consumables you require for the journey ahead and then select them to start adding to the Buying section. Hover over an item to see two different arrows which you can use to either move one piece or all pieces at once to the Buying section. Once you have added the items you want to buy, select the Accept Trade option to make the trade with money.

Additionally, you can also sell the items to the merchants for money. If you are carrying more items than you can hold in the storage of the train then it is best to sell the excessive items to the merchants by selecting them from your inventory and accepting the trade.

There will be several merchants that you will come across during the whole playthrough of the game so, it is best to stop and see the wares of each merchant to find useful items.

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