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Last Train Home: How to Repair the Train



Last Train Home: Repair Train

The Armored Train is the last hope for the Czechoslovak Legion to reach the eastern end to sail in the water to reach the western side to return home. Due to circumstances of the Great War, the Reds have blocked down the land path to the western end and players have to make sure that the armored train reaches the eastern end safely. Traveling in the train to cover great distances will often break down or even damage different sections of the train for which players must repair them immediately to continue the journey.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to repair the Train in Last Train Home.

How to Repair the Train in Last Train Home

The repair action is required due to multiple reasons such as a malfunctioning engine or damage to a certain section of the train for which players will require workers and engineers. To repair the train in Last Train Home, you will first have to stop the train and select the section of the train which has malfunctioned. It will open the menu of repairing the train where you have to select the worker and assign them to either in day or night shift depending on the time of the day to start repairing.

Each repair will take a certain amount of time to resolve the malfunctioning and you can increase the speed of repair by assigning more workers/engineers to the repairing slots. Once the repair has started, you can increase the speed of the time from the top of the screen or you can choose to send out your soldiers to forage food and resources from the nearby locations.

Once the train has been repaired, make sure that all of your soldiers have returned from any side missions you started to continue the journey.

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