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Last Train Home: How to Set Up a Machine Gun



Last Train Home: Machine Gun

Engaging in combat with enemies can be dreadful, especially with a larger patrol of enemies in Last Train Home. Due to their higher firepower, you might end up losing a soldier or two which can affect your whole squad in certain ways. However, there are a couple of methods to deal with a larger number of enemies in Last Train Home which include either initiating an artillery strike on them or setting up a Machine Gun that offers greater range and accuracy.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to set up a Machine Gun in Last Train Home.

How to Set Up a Machine Gun in Last Train Home

The Machine Gun can be set up by using the Machine Gunner’s Focused Fire Skill. Machine Gunner is one of the common soldiers in Last Train Home but they are most useful in close-range combat to defeat enemies. However, their Focused Fire Skill allows them to set up a Machine Gun that offers higher range and accuracy that allows the Machine Gunner to take out enemy patrols from a fair distance.

To set up a machine gun, select a Machine Gunner soldier and then select the Focused Fire Skill from the bottom right corner of the screen or press the Z button. Once the skill is activated, you will see a range on your screen that you can set by moving the mouse. After deploying the Machine Gun, the Machine Gunner will take control of the Machine Gun and shoot any enemy that walks into the range of the Machine Gun. It will kill enemies in 1-2 shots without missing many bullets.

Setting up a Machine Gun can save you a larger group of enemies but it is recommended to deploy the machine gun behind a cover so that the Machine Gunner doesn’t take any unnecessary damage from the enemies.

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