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Last Train Home: How to Uncover Distant Parts of the Mission Area



Last Train Home: Uncover Distant Parts of Area

Starting a main campaign mission will take you to a village or a town demolished by the Reds. As you order your soldiers to move ahead, you will see a black portion of the area revealing the contents it holds. By uncovering these parts, you will be able to find any civilians, recruit extra soldiers, or find any possible resources. However, the distant parts of the area that are covered cannot be uncovered until you move the soldiers there or use a special Recon Skill.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to uncover distant parts of the mission area in Last Train Home.

How to Uncover Distant Parts of the Mission Area

The mission areas in Last Train Home are decent and hold much content for players to explore and experience through exploration. It is essential to uncover every alleyway or open area for any possible resource or an injured civilian which can be valuable later down the road. Almost all the mission area has enemy patrols moving around that can only be detected by uncovering the parts but it has the disadvantage of getting detected by the enemies which engages your soldiers in combat.

However, there is a way to uncover the distant parts of the mission area without getting detected by using the Recon Skill of a Sniper soldier. The Sniper soldier has the Recon ability that allows them to use their Binoculars to scout the area ahead of the soldiers. It is one of the most useful skills in the game as it gives you an idea of what danger waiting for you ahead without moving any soldier ahead to scout the area and risking their life.

To use the Recon Skill of the Sniper, you need to first select the Sniper and then activate the Recon skill by selecting it from the bottom right of the screen or pressing the Z button. Once the skill is activated, move ahead in the overview to mark the location you want to uncover. The Recon Skill will uncover a decent circle of the area which can give you a possible guess of what is ahead and allows you to move accordingly.

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