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Last Train Home: How to Kill Enemies Behind Cover



Last Train Home: Kill enemy behind cover

Combat in Last Train Home acts as an auto-battler where your soldiers and enemy soldiers attack each other using weapons instead of turn-based mechanics but you still have access to the skills of your soldiers that you can activate anytime to have an advantage over the enemy line. However, the enemy outposts and liberated areas have certain advantages for enemies as well, such as the enemies behind covers are difficult to kill.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to kill enemies behind cover in Last Train Home.

How to Kill Enemies Behind Cover in Last Train Home

The enemies who are behind cover have the advantage of resisting the bullets from your soldiers and the ability to injure your soldiers who aren’t in cover. It is best to move your soldiers into cover at the start of the encounter. Once your soldiers are in a safe spot, there are two ways that you can counter the enemies behind cover. The first method is to throw the Grenade behind the cover but your soldier must be near to the enemy to make the perfect throw. Another efficient method is to use the Bayonet Charge Skill of the Rifleman soldier to attack the enemy behind cover.

Using the grenade does kill the enemy but at the cost of a grenade explosive which can be helpful in later fights of the missions. However, if there is more than one enemy behind a cover then throwing the grenade is your best option but if there is only one enemy, then use the Bayonet Charge skill. You can use the Grenadier soldier’s Grenade Skill to mark the throwing location of the grenade and use the Rifleman soldier’s Bayonet Charge to mark the attack location.

Ordering the Rifleman to perform the Bayonet Charge will allow the rifleman to perform a melee attack on any enemy that they see first in the marked attack location. The Bayonet Charge attack also conserves ammo so, it is best to view all of the possibilities before performing any action.

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