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Last Train Home: How to Heal Soldiers and Civilians



Last Train Home - Heal Soldiers

Last Train Home is a strategic role-playing game based on historical events that took place during World War I. Players will get to control the Czechoslovak Legion and get them to their homeland safe and sound through the lands of Russia. However, as players progress through each mission, they will encounter several enemy patrols that can injure or even down a friendly soldier.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to heal the soldiers and civilians in Last Train Home.

How to Heal Soldiers and Civilians in Last Train Home

The injured soldiers must be treated immediately to have them stand during combat despite their injuries to have a higher chance of winning the encounter. Players can heal injured soldiers with the Heal Skill of Medic soldiers. The Medic is one of the many classes in Last Train Home that players can hire and deploy for their playthrough of each mission and having a medic in the squad is essential for healing purposes.

To heal an injured soldier, players need to select the Medic soldier and then select the Heal skill from the skills tab on the bottom right corner of the screen. After that, players can order the medic to treat the injured soldier and then the soldier will be marked as Treated. Using the Heal skill will use 1x Medical Kit from the resources. Players will be able to find the Medical Kit by exploring the map of the missions. Alternatively, players will randomly find a healing station around the mission area. The healing station can be used to heal any untreated soldier. Select the untreated soldier and then press the RMB on the healing station to heal the soldier.

Apart from healing the soldiers in the missions, players will often run into random injured NPCs who will require healing. Players can heal the civilians using the Heal Skill. Healing the NPCs can award you with various resources as well as useful information about enemy patrols in the area. It is best to heal any injured civilian you come across to net extra resources for the long journey ahead.

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