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Lethal Company: How to Avoid Lightning Strike



Lethal Company - Lightning Strike

Lethal Company throws several complications in your path to make raiding a challenging task, especially if you are playing Solo. These complications include various kinds of monsters, traps, and weather effects. As monsters and traps are a part of almost every raid in the game, the Weather Effects are random and create a certain difficulty regarding navigation depending upon type of the weather effect. One of the weather effects that players can face is storms in which they will face heavy rain and lightning strikes. The heavy rain does not cause any flooding or quicksand on the moon but it causes lightning to strike at random locations on the moon.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to avoid Lightning Strikes in Lethal Company.

How to Avoid Lightning Strikes in Lethal Company

The Lightning Strikes weather condition is a part of ‘Stormy’ weather in Lethal Company that players will be able to see while selecting their next moon destination using the terminal. Each moon where players select to travel will either have a weather effect showing in square brackets or not. If there is no weather effect listed in the bracket, it means the weather is neutral but if there is [Stormy] weather, players must prepare themselves to avoid the lightning to not end up dead and cause a negative rating to the run.

To avoid the Lightning Strikes in Lethal Company, you must understand what attracts the Lightning to directly strike at your location. The simple answer to that question is Metal. Equipping any Metallic item in your inventory will attract the lightning to your current position. These metallic items can be your tools like a Shovel or a stop sign as well as the Scrap that you loot from the facility on the moon. Navigating on the moon with such items will cause lightning to hit you which can kill your character in two to three hits. So, if you want to avoid it, drop the metal items on the ground and get to a safe distance to avoid lightning strikes.

However, as both Scrap and tools are essential for your progression and survival in the game, you must take the items back that you dropped and bring them to ship. To do so, you need to take turns both dropping them and picking them up again after the lightning strikes on the items. The metal items will glow just before the lightning hits them and this will be your cue to drop the items and get to a safe distance. Once the lightning strikes have stopped, pick the items up and start navigating towards the ship.

Keep repeating the process until you have reached the ship to both avoid and secure the scrap from lightning.

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