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Apocalypse Party: How to Heal



Apocalypse Party - Heal

Apocalypse Party is a new roguelike with 3D top-down action playstyle mechanics in which you (alone or with friends) have to fight the demons hidden behind Altars to make their way to Hell to find the leader of all demons, Satan. The game offers various characters but all with a certain amount of HP and Armor to complete a chapter. As players progress through the chapter and level up, the enemies become powerful and more in numbers making it harder for players to survive. Players must keep their HP high to fight off the demons.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to heal in Apocalypse Party.

How to Heal in Apocalypse Party

Healing in Apocalypse Party is not something that is achieved very often because it can only be obtained for a limited amount from Worshipping the Goddess of Recovery statue. Not any character in the game can heal the other party members and it is what makes the game more challenging. All the players will start with 130 – 150 HP with 30 Armor on top of it for the whole chapter. However, if you explore the area of the chapter, you will come across several statues that you can worship. These statues are of different kinds and will grant you respective effects upon worshipping them.

Upon finding the statues, press the E button to worship the statues to gain certain effects, and if you happen to find the statue of Goddess of Recovery, you will recover 50 HP. Apart from worshipping the statues to get healed, you can increase your armor through two different methods.

  • Pick up the armor lying around the area.
  • Select the Armor Talent on Level Up.

The area of the chapter will have several pieces of armor lying around that you can pick up to gain +5 armor on each pickup. These armors are easy to miss but have the same Windy effect on them as the statues. Go near them and press the E button to pick up the armor. For the other method, you need to select the Armor Talent to increase the maximum amount of your Armor. However, as the talents are offered randomly, you can only get lucky to be offered an Armor Talent.

Alternatively, if you are playing with friends and fall in the battle, move the spirit of your character to one of your friends to get revived from them and you will start with 50 HP. It is not the best method to heal as your death is counted at the end of the chapter but still better than failing all of the progress of the chapter.

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