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Apocalypse Party: How to Revive Teammates



Apocalypse Party - Revive Teammates

Fighting the enemies and demons off in the new roguelike game, Apocalypse Party can be difficult due to several enemies attacking you at once. Getting hit by various projectiles and charging attacks can severely deplete your armor and HP resulting in the death of your character. However, as long as your other teammates are alive, they can revive you to get back into the fight.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to revive teammates in Apocalypse Party.

How to Revive Teammates in Apocalypse Party

If one of your teammates has fallen in the battle, you can revive them by interacting with their spirit. Any fallen character will able to move their spirit using the movement keys and if they go to one of the teammates they will be able to revive them. Pressing and holding the E button while keeping the spirit of the fallen character in a circle radius will get them back in the fight. If you move away from the spirit, the revive will stop and either you or the spirit has to move in the circle radius to continue the revive.

Once the revive has been completed, the fallen character will get back into the fight with 50 HP only no armor. The revived characters should find any Goddess of Recovery statue nearby to worship it to recover 50 HP more and pick up any armor pieces around the area to replenish armor.

There is no death limit in Apocalypse Party so you will be able to revive your teammates or get revived by your teammates throughout the chapter unless all of your squad dies during the playthrough of the chapter.

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