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Apple Removes Epic Games Account From App Store – Will Not Affect Unreal Engine Support



Epic Games explained why removing Fortnite from the App Store is causing" irreparable damage " to the Studio

At the moment, the Epic Games page in the App Store is not available – journalist John Voorhees was one of the first to notice this. The store gives an error whenever you try to go to the page of the company itself or one of its applications using a direct link, but you cannot find it in the search.

Users also noted that downloading apps from Epic, including Fortnite, will not work, even if they are already assigned to a user account.

Apple released an official statement on this matter – the company noted that they were “very sorry” to take such measures, but Epic left no choice.

The court recommended that Epic follow the App Store’s guidelines and policies while the case is in progress – the rules they followed over the past ten years until they created the current situation themselves. Epic refused.

Instead, the company has repeatedly submitted Fortnite updates that violate store rules. This is unfair to all other developers in the App Store and makes users suffer from conflict.

We hope to be able to cooperate again in the future, but at the moment this is unfortunately not possible.

from Apple statement

The corporation has warned that it is going to delete Epic Games accounts back on August 17th. Apparently, another account of the company, Epic International, is still available in the App Store – it was previously banned from blocking in court. Therefore, the situation should not touch upon the support of the Unreal Engine.

On the day Epic’s profiles were deleted, the App Store began to actively promote Fortnite’s direct competitor, PUBG Mobile. The online shooter appeared on the main page of the “Games” section, and the promo was published on the store’s official twitter.

The tweet was also noticed by the head of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney.

While you wait for Fortnite to return to iOS and Mac, here’s another great Battle Royale powered by the Unreal Engine!

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