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Astral Chain 2 might be coming to Switch



Astral Chain 2 might be coming to Switch

Despite the fact that Hideki Kamiya deleted the tweet, it remained in the web cache. Also, several users managed to take a screenshot of the recording.

Apparently, the game designer did everything so quickly that the network did not immediately pay attention to his recording.

Kamiya often makes fun of his readers, so it’s hard to say if this was just his next trick.

Previously, PlatinumGames recognized Astral Chain as a success, although sales on Switch, according to Nintendo reports, barely exceeded a million copies.

PlatinumGames is officially engaged in Bayonetta 3, Babylon’s Fall, and Project GG The studio has not yet talked about the Astral Chain sequel, but after Kamiya’s recording, fans seem to be waiting for news from the studio.

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