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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – Hammer and Tongs Walkthrough



Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - Hammer and Tongs

The ‘Hammer and Tongs’ is one of the many Haunting Cases in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden that players can complete as a side content to discover new areas and unlock new equipment items. However, this very Haunting Case can be completed for pursuing the ‘The Woodfolks’ main quest.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Hammer and Tongs Haunting Case in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

Hammer and Tongs – Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

The ‘Hammer and Tongs’ Haunting Case can be begun by going to the Blacksmith’s house in front of the tower. As you go near the house, you will get to speak with Nellie Heayton, a humble merchant. Speaking with her reveals that her husband hasn’t returned home and she is worried about him.

Investigate the Haunting

Go inside Blacksmith’s house and inspect the bed to see a ghostly aura around it. An insight circle will appear on the floor so, interact with it to perform the Harkening Ritual. Watch the recent event that happened in the house and then make your way to the forge located next to the house. Investigating the forge will give you the following clues.

  • An Echo of Obsessed Ghost.
  • Dull Drill Bit.
  • An empty table with no tools.
  • Poorly crafted Nails.

Find Fortune

Switch to Antea and remove the Spectral web to reveal the footprints of Fortune. Follow the footprints to eventually enter the Fiery Grove location where you will get to encounter a few Specter enemies. Defeat the enemies and continue following the path to eventually come to a cabin with wolves outside.

Fortune will be trapped inside the house so you need to defeat all the wolves. Once you have defeated the wolves, Fortune will come outside and you will get to speak with him. Select the marked dialogues to progress in the case and once you have spoken with Fortune, the quest will update.

Inspect the tools in the cabin

Go inside the cabin and interact with the toolbox on the table to hear the echo of an obsessed ghost again. Inspecting the tools will also reveal that the hammer is missing.

Find the hammer

After inspecting the tools, break the wooden bar on the door and open the door to find more footprints. Switch to Antea to inspect the prints and reveal them. Now, start following the footprints again until you run into a pack of wolves. Defeat the wolves and continue ahead to come across an open area.

If you look down, you will find the hammer beside the broken boat. To reach the hammer, you need to go to the left side to climb a wall and then switch to Antea to perform the leap jump to the other side. From there, climb down into the area and you will get to fight more Specters and tormented enemies. Once you have defeated the enemies, inspect the hammer to witness a short ghostly cutscene.

Uncover the ghost’s true identity

Upon examining the hammer, an insight circle will appear through which you need to perform a Make-Manifest Ritual to spawn the ghost. The ghost will appear ahead so go to him and speak with him. Select the marked dialogue options to progress in the case.

Return to the forge

Continue ahead along the path and keep following it until you come across a blue brazier and a red flag. Squeeze through the gap to find a campfire and then use it to fast travel back to Hunter’s Camp. Once there, make your way to Blacksmith’s house. Enter the house to speak with Nellie and Impostor/Arther. Go through the dialogues and you will be given the choice of either blaming Nellie or Arther or you can Ascend or Banish the ghost of Fortune.

Upon making the choice, Hammer and Tongs Haunting Case will be concluded and you will be able to pursue the ‘The Woodfolks’ main quest.

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