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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – The Woodfolks Walkthrough



Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - The Woodfolks

After bringing closure to the first haunting Case and swearing an Oath to Antea in ‘Hungry the Hunters’ quest, Red and Antea will begin their journey towards the New Eden Town.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Woodfolks quest in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

The Woodfolks – Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Return to the broken bridge

Upon resting at a campsite at Jacob’s hovel, you need to make your way back to the broken bridge to use Antea’s new Leap skill to get across. Go out of the cave, make your way ahead to the ledge in front, and climb up. Walk over the tree stump to get across and go along the thin wall to climb the wall to reach the broken bridge.

Align the stains

As you reach the broken bridge, switch to Antea to see swirling stains on the left side of the bridge. To align the stains and make the jump, go to the left side to climb down using the rope and then stand in front of the stains to align them, and then press the LB/L1 button.

Reach New Eden Town

Once you reach the other side of the bridge, go along the path to find two different paths. Go along any path as both of the paths come to the same end, an open area filled with enemies. Defeat the enemies and the objective will update.

Find a way to reach the other side

To get across, you need to leap jump again with Antea and for that, you will first have to find the specific locations to align the stains. Backtrack to the path on the right side and there will be a ledge on the left side that will take you to the edge from where you will be able to align the stains. Switch to Antea to align the stains and then press the LB/L1 button to make the jump.

Reach New Eden Town

Upon getting across, go along the path to find a small camp ahead. Continue along the path and jump over the tree stump to start a cutscene. Here you will meet a huntress named Kate Newsmith and after the cutscene, you will get to fight a new enemy named Bonewalker. As you defeat the first one, another will appear so, take care of him as well.

After defeating all the enemies in the area, make sure to go inside the cabin to loot a chest inside to get a Wristband of Harmony as well as a collectible ‘To Bring Closure’ located at the rear of the cabin.

Reach the camp

Once the area is clear, head down the straight path and squeeze through the gap to fight another Bonewalker along with other enemies. Defeat the enemies and continue ahead to reach the camp that Kate will be leading.

Find the huntress

As you reach the camp, you need to find and speak with Kate who can be found on a wooden tower in the camp. Head up to the tower to speak with her and she will offer you shelter to rest in. However, she doesn’t keep anyone for free so she will ask you to help around the village to prove yourself.

Find your shelter

Once you have spoken with Kate, head down from the tower and continue on the path on the left side to eventually reach a shelter. Interact with the door of the shelter to go inside and then interact with the campfire to rest. You will be able to upgrade the Wristband to Level II as well and once you are ready, leave the shelter to prove your worth at the camp.

Prove yourself

To prove yourself at Hunter’s Camp, you will have to complete one of the two Haunting Cases at the camp. The Haunting Cases act as the side quests in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden and before you get to pursue the main quest any further, you will be required to solve any one of the following Haunting Cases or both of them.

Talk to Kate

Upon completing any one of the Haunting Cases at the camp, you need to speak with Kate to notify her of your deeds for the camp. Kate can be found on top of the tower where you earlier spoke to her. After talking to her, don’t forget to open the closed chest on the same platform of the tower using the ‘Key to the Trapper Reserves’ that you found earlier at your shelter at the camp.

Rest and await Thickskin’s return

Once you have spoken with Kate, head back to your shelter and rest at the campsite to wait for Thickskin to arrive at the camp. As you rest at the camp, a cutscene will play concluding the current quest and beginning the next one, ‘The Beast’.

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