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Skull and Bones: How to Store Items in the Warehouse



Skull and Bones - Store Items to Warehouse

Throughout your pirate adventure in Skull and Bones, you will come across various resources, food items, consumables, and valuables that all will be initially stored in your ship’s cargo. It will gradually fill up your ship’s cargo depending on how many variations of items you have acquired on your adventure and it is best to store all of the valuables and resources in the warehouse to secure them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to store items in the warehouse in Skull and Bones.

How to Store Items in the Warehouse in Skull and Bones

The warehouse will be your safe storage space in Skull and Bones which offers a larger space than your Ship’s Cargo and allows you to store any kind of item. To store the items from your Ship’s Cargo in the warehouse, you need to first dock at the outpost and then open the Ship’s Menu by pressing the prompted key for Embark.

Now, navigate to Manage Cargo and select it to see all the items stored in your Ship’s Cargo on the left side and the right side will be the warehouse. Simply select the items and transfer them to the Warehouse to store and secure them.

The storage for the warehouse is much bigger than the Ship’s Cargo and it increases every time you raise your Infamy Level so, if you are at a lower Infamy level and have low Warehouse storage, worry not because the storage space of your warehouse will increase as you raise Infamy Level.

It is best to manage your cargo after every sail as on each adventure, you will get various resources and valuables just by sinking enemy ships. As resources are essential for crafting all kinds of items, tools, weapons, furniture, etc. you should store them inside the Warehouse. The valuables like commodities and consumables like food and Repair Kits should be on your Cargo so that you can sell the valuables to the merchants during your adventure and use the consumables upon need.

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