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Skull and Bones: How to Regenerate & Increase Stamina



Skull and Bones - Regenerate and Increase Stamina

Sailing in the vast seas of East Africa and Southeast Asia in Skull and Bones offers you to discover three different regions each with its own main outposts and several settlements where you can dock and pursue various activities. However, sailing to discover new docks or locating a certain location to find a treasure can lower your stamina from time to time which impacts your ship’s speed.

You might wonder how to regenerate stamina quickly instead of stopping the ship and restoring it on its own or how to permanently increase the stamina so, you don’t run out of it quickly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to regenerate and increase stamina in Skull and Bones.

How to Regenerate Stamina in Skull and Bones

The basic way to restore stamina is to raise the sails and let the ship rest in the ocean which will gradually restore stamina. However, another great way to restore stamina is to consume raw food, grilled food, or cooked food items that you will be able to find in your ventures and cook at the Cookery stations.

If we talk about finding food items, you will only find raw food items in the wild. You will not get any grilled food items or cooked food items in the wild. Consuming raw food items only replenishes a small percentage of stamina, whereas grilled food items and cooked food items replenish 40% – 60% of maximum stamina allowing you to continue sailing for long adventures.

To get the grilled food items and cooked food items, you will have to prepare them yourself at the Cookery stations which can be found in every main outpost like Saint-Anne in the Red Isles region. Simply, interact with the Cookery station and select the raw food item that you wish to grill, or for better results, switch to the cooking tab and mix it with other raw food items to prepare cooked food with more bonuses alongside replenishment of stamina.

How to Increase Stamina in Skull and Bones

Increasing the maximum stamina of your ship permanently will require you to craft and place Sterile Galley furniture items on the ship. It is the only furniture item in the game right now which offers +7% of maximum stamina.

You can craft the Sterile Galley I furniture item at the Carpenter and then place it on the ship from the Manage Ship menu while embarking. However, crafting it will require you to first increase your Infamy rank to Freebooter and also acquire the blueprint for it. So, make sure that you have completed the prerequisites for Sterile Galley to increase the maximum stamina of your ship.

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