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Skull and Bones: How to Increase Your Ship Rank



Skull and Bones - Increase Your Ship Rank

Skull and Bones offers multiple leveling systems in the game that players will be able to pursue to become the best and ferocious pirate among the many seas. Alongside the main Infamy leveling system, the next main leveling system in Skull and Bones is your Ship Rank. A lot of players might confuse it with the Infamy Rank as increasing the Infamy Level unlocks new ships but each Ship has its own base level which can be increased independently.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase your ship rank in Skull and Bones.

How to Increase Your Ship Rank in Skull and Bones

When you first get to craft your first ship at the Shipwright, you will be able to notice a number written beneath every ship. These numbers are the base rank of the ships meaning crafting those ships will start your ship rank from the base rank. To further increase your ship rank, you need to build and place better weapons and furniture items on your ship along with equipping better armor. You will be able to see the increase in your ship rank on the bottom right corner of the screen while in the Manage Ship menu.

For instance, if you go to the Manage Ship menu, you will see the number of weapons that your ship can have along with armor and furniture items. You must build and place all the necessary items on the ship to increase your ship rank. Keep in mind that the higher-level ships have more equipment slots so they are easy to rank up. You might not be able to rank your Level 1 ship past Level 5 or Level 6 but if you craft a higher-level ship and place your equipment on it, it will boost to Level 8 or Level 9 easily.

Furthermore, if you craft better weapons than your previously installed weapons on the ship and place them on the ship, it will further increase its rank. The same goes for the Armor of the ship and the furniture items. It is crucial to have better armor equipped on your ship to tank all the possible incoming damage to increase survival chances. Browse the unlocked armor from within the Armor section under the Manage Ship menu to see which one gives you the highest rating for your ship.

As for the furniture items, it can vary on the possible bonuses that they provide. Each furniture item does have a rating but it also provides a certain bonus to your ship so, it might vary on which bonus you want to keep for your ship instead of just increasing the rank of the ship.

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