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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – Prudence in All Things Walkthrough



Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - Prudence in All Things

The ‘Prudence in All Things’ is one of the many Haunting Cases in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden that players can complete as a side content to discover new areas and unlock new equipment items. However, this very Haunting Case can be completed for pursuing the ‘The Woodfolks’ main quest.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Prudence in All Things Haunting Case in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

Prudence in All Things – Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

The ‘Prudence in All Things’ Haunting Case can be begun by going to the house beside the Tower at Hunter’s Camp. As you get close to the house and interact with the door, the Haunting Case will begin.

Investigate the house

There are several clues to gather from inside the house and you need to use both Red and Antea to gather all the clues. Let’s take a look at all the clues you can gather with Red.

  • Cooking Pot.
  • Map on the table.
  • Letter on the bookshelf.
  • Letter on the table by the window.

Now, switch to Antea by pressing the Y/Triangle button and you will find a bucket in the middle of the house. Interact with the bucket to reveal numbers written on the walls. Inspect the numbers to finish gathering the clues.

Follow the map to the ‘Three Oaks’

Leave the house and make your way to the left side. Keep heading in the west direction until you discover Whispering Trees location. Climb up to the ledge and go ahead to encounter a few wolves. Defeat the wolves and continue ahead along the path to reach the Three Oaks location. You will hear a person yelling in the distance so, follow along the path to find the yelling person and it will be none other than Prudence.

Speak with prudence and select the marked dialogues to pursue the Haunting Case. Once you have spoken with Prudence, the objective will be updated.

Follow the trail of numbers

Switch to Antea for this section as you need to follow the trail of the numbers written on the rocks and walls around the area and switching to her will help you track them easily. Follow along the path to encounter a Bonewalker and other enemies. Defeat the enemies to continue ahead and you will find a cave opening on the left side. Drop down into the cave and you will witness a ghost.

The ghost will vanish swiftly but there will be some wooden barricades on the left side that you need to break to find Prudence’s Cypher. Continue ahead to get out of the cave and then continue following the trail. You will eventually find the ghost again outside of another cave and as you are about to enter the cave, you will get to fight a few more enemies. After defeating the enemies, continue ahead to find a pedestal with a small seal inside it. Interacting with it will play a short cutscene and after that, you will acquire a Crested Seal.

Track down the ghost

Follow the path from the pedestal to drop down into an open area and then continue ahead to eventually come across a gap in the wall on the right side. Enter through the gap and defeat the enemies inside it. Climb the wall and continue ahead to come across a bridge which will collapse as you get close. Worry not, jump across the bridge to eventually come across the ghost.

However, before you get to talk to it a boulder will drop in front of you and several enemies will spawn. Defeat the enemies and then go after the ghost.

Find what ghost was protecting

Switch to Antea and interact with the spectral web beside the rock to remove it and find a Chisel.

Speak with Thomas Hake

Follow along the path to find the ghost of Thomas Hake. Speak with Thomas and select the marked dialogue options to progress ahead.

Talk to Prudence

Upon speaking with the ghost of Thomas, Prudence will come to the location. Speak with her and again select the marked dialogue options to progress and you will get to bring closure to the case. You can either Blame Prudence or Ascend or Banish the ghost of Thomas.

Upon making any choice for the closure, it will complete the Haunting Case and players will be able to progress ahead in the ‘The Woodfolks’ main quest.

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