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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – How to Upgrade & Increase the Maximum Number of Decoction Charges



Banishers: Upgrade and Increase Decoction Charges

Investigating the mysterious curse on New Eden Town will embark you on a journey in which you will encounter various kinds of enemies including Specters, Wanderers, Wolves, etc. along with many bosses. To keep on pushing in the journey, defeating these enemies is essential for which you might require Decoction Charges to heal the protagonists whenever injured.

However, the Banishers (protagonists) start with only 3x Decoction Charges which can be consumed abruptly in difficult fights. You should learn how to make more use of Decoction Charges by upgrading them as well as how to hold more of them at a time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade and increase the maximum number of Decoction Charges in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

How to Upgrade the Decoction Charges in Banishers

The Decoction Charges can only be upgraded while resting at a campfire using the required resources. The very first campfire that players will be able to find is during ‘The Ends of the Earth’ which is the third chapter of the game. Meaning, players will have to pursue the main story until they have reached chapter 3 and found the first campfire to rest.

Resting at the campfire will allow players to upgrade their equipment through the ‘Inventory’ option. Select the inventory to view the available upgrades and then select the Decoction to upgrade it with the required resources. Each upgrade of Decoction charges will improve health and spirit recovery for the protagonists but the required resources for the upgrades will change every time.

However, the first upgrade for Decoction Charges is easy to get as it only requires 14x Wild Chervil and 14x Leather which you will be able to find by looting the flowers and killing the wolves during the third chapter.

How to Increase the Maximum Number of Decoction Charges in Banishers

The maximum number of Decoction Charges can be increased by unlocking the respective skills. Players will be introduced to Evolution when they rest at the first campfire in the third chapter and will be able to learn new skills. One of the very first skills that players can unlock using a skill point is ‘Pocket of Holding’ which increases the maximum number of Decoction Charges by one.

To further increase the number of Decoction charges, you need to look for the skills that increase the charges and then unlock them by resting at the campfire.

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