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Battlefield 2042: All Trophies and Achievements for the Future Shooter



Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 takes you into a not-so-distant future. What is still important there are trophies and achievements that you earn for special challenges. We show you all trophies and achievements and what you have to do for them.

All trophies and achievements in Battlefield 2042

You won’t find a single-player campaign with gripping action in Battlefield 2042. That could also be the reason why there are only 35 trophies and 34 achievements. But all achievements revolve around the different modes in multiplayer, which will demand a lot from you. Conquer 100 targets, win 42 rounds or destroy 50 vehicles to get closer to the platinum trophy and 100% gamerscore. This is how the trophies are divided:

  • Bronze trophies: 20
  • Silver trophies: 10
  • Gold trophies: 4
  • Platinum Trophies: 1

So that you know what you have to do for all trophies and achievements, we have created an overview table for you here. You don’t have to worry about spoilers, of course, so there is no separate table for secret achievements.

NamesActivation conditionstrophiesGamerscore
Imperfect futureCollected all other trophies.platinumnv
Adapt and surviveReached player level 5.bronze15 G
Dunn would be proudReached player level 15.silver35 G
Luck of the IrishReached player level 25.gold80 G
Command and ConquestConquer 100 targets in Conquest.bronze15 G
The art of unleashing25 successful extractions in Hazard Zone.bronze15 G
CollectorSuccessful extraction with 50 data drives in Hazard Zone.bronze15 G
Whoever wins gets everythingWin a total of 42 rounds in all game modes.bronze35 G
Air destructionDestroy an aircraft with a rocket launcher while skydiving.bronze15 G
A bird? An airplane?Fly on “Orbital” with the wingsuit from the rocket hangar to the cryogen facility.bronze15 G
Local knowledgeOvercomes 1,000 m with Mackay’s hook pistol in one round.bronze15 G
B-weapon is dryDeal 2,500 damage in one turn with Boris’s SG-36 Guard System while you are defending targets.bronze15 G
Doctor Falck is at the startHeals 3,000 points of damage with Falck’s S21 spray gun in one round.bronze15 G
happy BirthdayRequest 15 equipment boxes with a fishing rod.bronze15 G
Squad ExtinctionEliminate 500 enemy soldiers while away from a vehicle.bronze15 G
War machineEliminated 50 enemy units while in vehicles.bronze15 G
Tool timeRepairs 1,000 damage to vehicles in one turn.bronze15 G
Demolition crewDestroy 50 vehicles.bronze15 G
Nobody is left behindResuscitates 100 team members.bronze15 G
Thank you, Santa ClausSupplies 50 team members with supplies.bronze15 G
Foot soldier: inTravel 25 km without vehicles.bronze15 G
Just a small scratchCarries out a roadkill with an aircraft.bronze15 G
burnoutCovers 15 km with ground vehicles.bronze15 G
You stayed lying!Get a quad kill while defending a target.silver35 G
Universal SoldierEarn a T1 championship badge with any specialist.silver35 G
Arms MasteryEarn a T1 championship badge with any weapon.silver35 G
Fight on wheelsEarn a T1 championship badge using any vehicle.silver35 G
Jack of all tradesEarn a T1 championship badge using any gadget or throwable item.silver35 G
bulldozerGet 7 kills in one life with Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield.silver35 G
KillshotGet 20 headshot kills in one round.silver45 G
Good CompanyEarn first place as a squad.silver35 G
Showing offOutstanding performance achieved.silver35 G
Everything is OK with meEarn a Ribbon III of any type.gold80 G
Clean finishSuccessful extraction with no fallen squad members in Hazard Zone.gold80 G
Melee specialist: inGet 20 melee kills in one round.gold80 G

Since you have to unlock all trophies and achievements in multiplayer mode, the difficulty level of the list should be rather high. You should also be able to receive many of the achievements automatically if you just play a lot. Switches through all specialists and modes to increase the chance of all trophies.

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