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Because of bots, Nintendo Switch is out of stock everywhere



Super Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to be announced this week

If you have been struggling to buy Nintendo Switch for a month and you have not got any single unit of the Switch, then this post is for you. You must be thinking about why it is happening that its hard to find the Switch at a reasonable price at most retailers.

The world’s biggest online store, Amazon is selling Nintendo Switch for $494.01 and if you do some research, you would see most of the retailers selling the Switch for $700.

You would be surprised to know that the Bots are buying Nintendo Switch. As the Nintendo Switch comes back in Stock the bots start making orders.

According to, Resellers or collectors of sneakers as well as ticket brokers sometimes use automated bots for identifying whether an item is back in stock, adding it to their cart, and completing the checkout process as quickly as possible in order to beat other buyers (in the case of ticket brokers, they use bots when tickets go on sale). Websites will often try to block automated buyers like these, but the bot designers and users will then route their traffic through various other computers before ordering the item or use other tricks to avoid the website’s mitigations.


Can you imagine what happens next: the managers of the bots are dedicated to selling these consoles at exorbitant prices through reselling platforms. But it goes beyond.

It has also been reported that there are currently servers on platforms like Discord where these bot users brag about the huge amounts of money they are making by cheating. So far no measures have been announced in this regard, but we trust that stores keep an eye on these bots and users to avoid this type of situation.

We hope you’ve realized what’s happening with the Nintendo Switch stock. Keep in mind, the officials have confirmed that the Switch is coming back in stock soon. To be alert, bookmark our page we would update you as the Switch comes back in stock.

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