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Beer Factory: How to Unlock the Docks



Beer Factory - Unlock Docks

Assembling the Beer requires various steps which are done using the respective machinery and one of the final steps is exporting the filled beer bottles. Several extensions around the factory need to be unlocked for each step and to start the importing and exporting process of your beer, you need to unlock the Docks.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock the Docks in Beer Factory.

How to Unlock the Docks in Beer Factory

The Docks is the fourth and final main extension of the factory and it will require players to buy a new building next to the factory. Players will get to purchase the building after unlocking and setting up the Bottling Room and reaching Reputation Level 4. Setting up the Bottling Room will require players to get the Bottling Machinery and prepare the first batch of beer using the Bottling Machinery.

Once players have completed all the requirements, they will be able to buy the extension. To buy the Docks, go and interact with the computer in the factory’s office. Navigate to the ‘Construction company’ section under the Upgrades tab and buy the Docks. It will cost you $2,500 and unlock the building next to the factory. The cost of the Docks is expensive and if you are low on money, then start exporting grains to earn money.

Upon unlocking the Docks, you will be able to access it through the entrance of the building as well as from the underground. The Docks has its own office space and a computer through which players can order the trucks and load the ready beer packs onto the trucks for selling in the market.

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