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Beer Factory: How to Sell Beer



Beer Factory - Sell Beer

Producing the beer in the Beer Factory will require your assistance on various machines along with managing all the resources for the respective machines. Upon producing the beer and packaging it at the Bottling Machinery, your next step is to sell the beer to start making a profit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to sell beer in Beer Factory.

How to Sell Beer in Beer Factory

Unlike the Refined Grains, Beer cannot be sold by placing a pallet of it on the pickup truck outside of the factory gate. Instead, it requires a truck that will export your merchandise to the Global Market. To do so, you need to first unlock the Docks, the final extension of the factory. The Docks are located on the east side of the factory and can be accessed through the main door as well as the underground Brewery Room.

Upon unlocking the Docks, you will be able to call a truck and load your produced beer on it to sell it. To call the truck and sell your beer, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with a computer either in the factory’s office or in the Docks’ office.
  • Navigate to the Global Market tab and select the Dock Manager section.
  • Order the Truck for $100 and wait for it to pull up in one of the available spots in the docks.
  • Once the truck has arrived, use either a Forklift or the Crane to load the Beer Pallets on the truck.
  • After loading the truck with your merchandise, interact with the computer again.
  • Navigate to the Dock Manager and select the ‘Exit and Sell Merchandise’ option to sell the beer.

The selling price of beer varies on the type of beer that you are selling. If a beer has more popularity, then it will sell for more. You can always create new recipes in the Brewery tab to see what recipes can earn you more profit.  

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