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Beer Factory: How to Unlock Forklift



Beer Factory - Unlock Forklift

Running a Beer Factory is not effortless work as you would have to do everything by yourself until you unlock the feature to hire workers. Everything from cleaning the factory, ordering and storing the items and ingredients, refining the ingredients, and brewing, will require your attention. One of the essential and probably the hardest tasks is to store the items and ingredients which is done by driving the Pallet Jack. However, the process can be eased by unlocking the Forklift as it is more accurate and easier to handle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Forklift in Beer Factory.

How to Unlock Forklift in Beer Factory

The Forklift is one of the earliest vehicles in the game that players will get to unlock after reaching Reputation Level 2. The Reputation Level can be increased by taking out the trash and cleaning the dirty spots inside the factory using the Broom. Upon reaching Reputation Level 2, players will get to start their first contract and complete it which will require them to refine the grain using the Grain Crusher machinery.

Once players have refined the Grain, they will unlock the Forklift vehicle in the Tool Shop. The Tool Shop is accessed from the computer in the factory’s office. Go to the office and interact with the computer to open the tool shop. Purchase the Forklift for $500 and it will be placed outside of the office.

However, you will not be able to use the Forklift without finding and assembling the missing Forks on it. You can find the missing Forks in the following locations.

  • Inside the factory’s main area.
  • Outside of the factory’s office on the right side near the Gas Cannister.

Find and assemble the Forks one by one on to the Forklift and you will be able to utilize the vehicle fully. Keep in mind that Forklift does consume gas and you would have to fill it with gas using the Gas Cannister which fortunately spawns automatically from time to time.  

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