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Beer Factory: How to Unlock & Use the Grain Crusher



Beer Factory - Unlock and Use Grain Crusher

Assembling the Beer requires various steps which are done using the respective machinery and the very beginning process for making the Beer is refining the grains. This process is done using heavy machinery called the Grain Crusher which players will get to unlock and use fairly early in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock and use the Grain Crusher in Beer Factory.

How to Unlock the Grain Crusher in Beer Factory

Unlocking the Grain Crusher will require players to unlock the first extension to the factory which can only be achieved by reaching Reputation Level 2. The Reputation Level can be increased by cleaning the factory and throwing the trash bags into the bin. However, cleaning the dirty spots around the factory using the Broom can help you increase the factory’s Reputation Level quickly.

Upon reaching the Reputation Level 2, players will receive money from the accountant which would be enough to unlock both the extension and the Grain Crusher. Go and interact with the computer in the factory’s office and navigate to the ‘Construction company’ tab in the Upgrades section. Purchase the Machinery Room and then navigate to Industrial Machinery to purchase the Grain Crusher.

How to Use the Grain Crusher in Beer Factory

The Grain Crusher is located inside the Machinery Room and players will be able to use it by powering it ON first. Interact with the console of the Grain Crusher to turn it on and make sure to clean any dirt beneath the Grain Crusher otherwise, it will not refine the grains.

Once the machine is active, you need to place any kind of Grain Sacks on the conveyor belts. The conveyor belts will take the sacks to the crusher and you need to hold the ‘Refine’ lever next to the console to start refining the sacks. As the machine refines the grains, they will come out of the other end of the machine.

Make sure to place a pallet on the other end of the machine so that all the refined grain sacks are placed automatically on the pallet. The Grain Crusher machine also has additional buttons in the middle that will allow you to increase the speed of the conveyor belt or even separate any sacks if they are stuck.

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