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Beer Factory: How to Increase Reputation Level Quickly



Beer Factory - Increase Reputation Level Quickly

Opening new opportunities for your Beer Factory and strengthening the production line of it mainly depends on the Reputation Level of the factory. Increasing the Reputation Level of the factory will unlock new features along with structures, machinery, vehicles, and much more. It is essential to raise the reputation as early as possible to get access to all the crucial tools and machinery to start brewing and exporting for profit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase the Reputation Level quickly in Beer Factory.

How to Increase the Reputation Level of the Factory Quickly

The Reputation Level is increased upon earning a certain number of Reputation Points for each level. Reaching the threshold of a respective level will promote you to the next level rewarding you with new features and tools tied to that level. There are 10 Reputation Levels in total for the factory which is not a lot but it can be grindy to reach them. To earn the Reputation Points quickly, there are two main methods.

  • Cleaning the Factory from time to time.
  • Completing the Contracts.

Cleaning the Factory

Cleaning the factory is the basic but crucial method to earn Reputation Points quickly as garbage and dirty spots will spawn throughout your time in the factory. Taking out the trash is easy as you can clean it with your bare hands and throw the trash bags into the bin located outside of the factory gate. Throwing each Trash Bag will earn you 1 Reputation Point.

However, cleaning the dirty spots around the factory will earn you 3 Reputation Points but it will require you to first get the Broom. It is the very first tool that you can purchase from the Tool Shop and it will only cost you $20. Once you have the Broom, you can equip it by pressing the ‘1’ key and start cleaning the dirty spots by holding LMB.

Completing the Contracts

The quickest way to earn Reputation Points is by completing the contracts. You can accept the contracts from the computer in the factory’s office and each contract will reward you with a decent amount of money along with several Reputation Points. As an example, for the very first contract for which you have to refine the grains and export, you would get 30 Reputation Points for completing it.

Newer contracts refresh every 30s in the Contracts tab of the computer and if you have a free slot for accepting the contract, accept it and complete it to level up the Reputation Level quickly. As you increase the Reputation Level of the factory, it will unlock the second slot for the contracts allowing you to accept two contracts at once which will make this method more frequent and essential.

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