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Beer Factory: How to Order Items



Beer Factory - Order Items

Making the Beer will require various machines and certainly ingredients along with the items that are essential throughout the process. All the ingredients and items are ordered on demand to utilize them in the business to make a profit and it is crucial to know how to order the items in Beer Factory.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to order items in Beer Factory.

How to Order Items in Beer Factory

All the items and ingredients are ordered by using the computer in the factory’s office. Go and interact with the computer in the office and navigate to the Delivery tab. It offers deliveries from two different sellers, one sells ingredients which includes various kinds of Grains and the other one sells various items including Pallets and Storage parts.

Select the respective section from which you want to order the items and select the arrow icons to start setting the number of items that you like to order. Once you have set the quantity of the items, select the cart option beside the arrows to add the items to the cart to view the total bill on the right side along with the Delivery Fee.

The Delivery Fee varies on the number of Pallets worth of items that you ordering. Each Pallet can hold up to 24 singular items and if you increase from 24 quantity, it will add another pallet which will increase the delivery fee. Once all is set for order, you can place the order by selecting the ‘Order’ option.

After ordering the items, wait for a moment until the delivery truck arrives, and then use the Pallet Jack or Forklift to unload your order from the truck and store it in the factory for use.

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